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IP PhoneWhich phone is right for you?

Digital or Analogue?

This depends upon your existing infrastructure, if you have an existing phone system then you will most likely be using digital handsets which are specifically designed for your make/model of system. At this point you would need to contact your existing phone system supplier in order to purchase new handsets.

If you have an IP based phone system then this is the place for you! Most modern IP telephony systems use the SIP protocol. All of the Yealink phones that we supply are tried and tested within IP enabled environments. The selection of Yealink handsets we have specially chosen for you offer headset ports as standard and are feature rich allowing you to make the most of your IP phone system's capabilities.

IP telephones have two notable disadvantages compared to traditional telephones. Unless the IP telephone's components are backed up with an uninterruptible power supply or other emergency power source, the phone will cease to function during a power outage as can occur during an emergency or disaster, exactly when the phone is most needed. Traditional phones connected to the older PSTN network do not experience that problem since they are powered by the telephone company's battery supply, which will continue to function even if there's a prolonged power black-out. A second distinct problem for an IP phone is the lack of a 'fixed address' which can impact the provision of emergency services such as police, fire or ambulance, should someone call for them. Unless the registered user updates the IP phone's physical address location after moving to a new residence, emergency services can be, and have been, dispatched to the wrong location.