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Agent 800 headset

 So which headsets are right for your call centre?

There are literally thousands of headsets on the market ranging from tens to hundreds of pounds, we've searched high and low to select the best products at the best prices. Below is a selection of headsets but what are the differences?

Monaural Headsets: These are the entry level headsets with a single earpiece. Ideal for call centres and offices where people may need to hear what is going on away from the call.

Binaural Headsets: These headsets are slightly more expensive as they have two earpieces. These headsets are great for users who want to be immersed in their calls, can be easily distracted or who are a little hard of hearing.

Noise Cancelling: All the headsets supplied by DiallerStore are Noise Cancelling (NC) meaning that they filter out a lot of the back ground noise from the call centre making it easier for your callers to hear your agents. We've all spoken to agents who weren't using NC headsets, that was the call where it sounded like a combination of a call centre and a pool party!

USB or Analogue/RJ11: Depending on how you are planning to get calls to your agents will depend on what type of headset you want. Generally speaking if you are using VoIP and Softphones then you'll need a USB headset to plug directly into the USB port on a PC. If you are using a phone then you'll need a headset with a RJ11 connection. Most headsets can have either 'bottom end' supplied so just drop us a line if you are unsure.

Wireless Headsets: Wireless headsets are a great idea for people who like to walk around whilst on the phone. The only drawback is if you have a call centre with 50 agents it can look like a bit of a crazy convention with everyone walking around aimlessly talking to invisible people! The other drawback is battery life, often these headsets are designed for the office environment and simply run out of battery mid-shift with heavy call centre use.

Things to look out for. There are a huge number of headsets hitting the market and being used in call centres that are just not fit for purpose. Many of these have come over from the gaming world (yes we've seen X-Box headsets in a call centre!) and domestic uses such as Skype. These headsets have been designed to work in a quiet room, rather than a call centre therefore features such as Noise Cancelling may be missing and the build level aimed at occasional rather than constant use.