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Vici and Asterix

 If you are looking for an open source dialler to power your call centre then look no further. Vicidial is a FREE open source dialler that works on the Asterisk platform and is comfortable supporting up to 25-28 users. There are a few companies currently reselling Vicidial in the UK under there own brand names and charging for the privilege. Don't buy free software download it for free here.

Vicidial was originally developed by ViciDial Group and has been embraced by call centres around the world due to its open source architecture and low set up costs. Vicidial builds on the Asterisk open source PBX by adding basic outbound dialling functionality (predictive, power and preview dialling), inbound call routing and simple agent reporting. IT savvy users of Vicidial love the flexibility offered by combining open source products such as Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP to manage and create their very own call centre solution. 

Inbound, Outbound and Blended call handling  

Web-based agent and administrative interfaces

Ability to have agents operate remotely

Integrated Call Recording

Call Recording

Scheduled Callbacks: Agent-specific and public

Three-Way calling within the agent application

CTI Screen Pop

Web-configurable IVRs and Voicemail boxes

Can be configured with ISDN30 or SIP

Open-Source AGPLv2 licensed

 No Licensing Costs - EVER!

OK, so what are we selling if Vicidial is FREE?? Below we are selling preconfigured, prebuilt Vicidial servers specified for either ISDN or SIP. We've taken away all the headache and worry of sourcing and specifying your own Vicidial servers by doing all the hard work for you. The best bit about buying a Vicidial server from Diallerstore is that we're also offering a 2 year guarantee!

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