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Which Dialler is right for you?

There are lots of different types of diallers on the market at the moment with productivity gains claimed from 30% to 300% so let’s try and cut back some of this marketing bumph and get back to the main facts.

Over the last 10 years the dialler market has gone from very simple and sometimes unwieldy products to very complex and precise tools. Diallers can make a huge difference to the talk time, contact rate and data penetration in your call centre, the end result of which will be significantly increased sales, contacts or collections.

Let’s look at the first option you’ve got. Hosted or On Premise?

Hosted Diallers are a great tool to get you up and running with very low capital expenditure. There are lots of different companies offering very simple systems to complete enterprise hosted call centres. We’re a big fan of hosted diallers for one very simple reason, they let people try an idea out very quickly.  The reason we are very weary of them is that costs can escalate VERY quickly. We’ve seen call centres pay more than £1,400 per month PER AGENT to use hosted diallers once all the charges build up. Call charges are usually on the face of it quite low. The problem is the costs come from a variety of other areas such as monthly rental, agent hook up costs (where the dialler calls your agents for every minute they are logged on), data storage charges, call recording storage charges, platform reservation fee’s, inbound call charges (yep you’re charged to receive calls!) and a variety of other charges someone somewhere has dreamed up.

On the face of it hosted diallers can be very quick to set up if you have ISDN30 or dedicated bandwidth in place, if you haven’t got this ready and waiting it will be no quicker to go hosted than it would to have an on-premise solution. Some of the hosted suppliers do provide the connectivity they require as part of the service but do make sure you check the contract terms properly, what’s the point of having a dialler on a monthly rental if you’re connectivity and rentals are contracted for 36 months!

On Premise solutions are installed within your business, connected to your lines or bandwidth. The difference is that they are you’re babies, you can do what you want with them. An on-premise solution before the arrival of DiallerStore would cost a minimum of £40,000 plus for a ten agent system, if you have a look below you can see we’ve slashed those costs.

One of the major complaints we have from users of hosted systems is that they can’t get the dialler to do what they want it to do. With an on premise solution you can chose when to upload data, choose who is carrying your voice traffic, choose how to manage your call backs, how to manage your recalls, how to structure your campaigns and much much more. All these settings are configurable for your business needs, rather than the needs of the majority with a hosted system.

Another really great feature of On Premise solutions is that you can do a huge amount of integration with your existing business systems. Integrating your dialler with your CRM means you can automatically create calling lists based on renewal dates or some other factor. Information collected within the call centre can also be written directly to the CRM from the dialler as soon as a call ends.

These are all great features in their own rights but let’s get down to the best bit about On Premise diallers – the cost. Here at DiallerStore we’ve slashed the costs of On Premise diallers making them more affordable than they have ever been before. We’ve seen ROI’s in days rather than months or years from competitor’s products. Why pay a premium for a Hosted solution when you can have an on Premise dialler from DiallerStore for a fraction of the costs???

Preview, Power, Progressive or Predictive?


Preview dialling enables agents to first view the available information about the customer and decide when to place the call. After viewing the information about the customer, the agent requests the system to make the call.

Preview dialling is useful in campaigns with high data acquisition costs which allow agents to view information about the customer and define a strategy before starting to talk to the customer. Preview is more about quality calls rather than quantity. The system delivers preview calls to agents automatically, taking into account the priority of the call and the skills of the agent to handle the call. Preview dialling keeps agents from dialling calls manually.

Power (AKA Progressive)

Power dialling places calls only when an agent is available to handle the call. Power diallers consider the priority and the skills of the agent to automatically place a call to the agent. In power dialling, an agent is always available to talk to the customer. Power Dialling is often used in the B2B environment and when contact rates are relatively high. Power dialling is suitable for all types of campaigns, from customer care follow-up calls to telemarketing.

Predictive - the dirty word...

Predictive dialling is used to call a large number of customers within a short period of time. Predictive dialling optimises the time of agents by reducing the idle times between connected calls and freeing agents from dialling calls. Predictive dialling gathers statistics concerning the duration of calls, how long it takes for calls to be answered, and how often are calls answered. When an agent is about to become idle, the system places calls to ensure a contact is available as soon as possible.

Predictive dialling is useful in sales campaigns to call a large number of contacts and maximising the working time of agents. Predictive diallers are ideally suited to the B2C environment where contacts rates are low. Predictive Diallers are suitable for campaigns such as collections, telemarketing, telesales and surveys. Predictive diallers have got a huge amount of stick over the last few years when in reality the blame needs to be at the door of rougue call centres. A predictive dialler used sensibly and within the Ofcom regulations is an effective tool to contact your customers or debtors efficiently and professionally.

So, we hope that’s cleared a few things up for you, if you’ve got any questions please drop us a line.

The DiallerStore team.

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